Gearing Up For Change!
Our Schools
Front Office Clubs:

BRAG OFFICERS CLUB (All Grades):Designed to catch and/or announce any brags of anyone in the campus. 


TOUCH YOUR HEART CLUB (3rd & 4th):Club in charge of the organization, and planning activities for any fundraisers.


HAPPY THOUGHTS CLUB (All Grades):   Designed to help other students feel better through card, craft, poem, positive message making.  Give tours of our campus to any new students. 


BEAUTIFICATION CLUB (2nd to 5th): Club designed to beautify our school. 


MAIL WRITERS CLUB (2nd  to 5th): Designed to organize all mail (letters) received in our Office Mail Box and will deliver to the proper classrooms.  This club will also promote writing around the campus.

 ILC Clubs:

Rivas News Team (1st-5th): Student reporters who look for any events, stories, activities happening around out campus to report on.

Book Club (1st-5th): First 7 students to sign up in the ILC will be the reading club members for that 6 weeks. Visit our library page for more info.

V.I.S.A. (5th): Very Important Student Assistants, students sign up to help the ILC, and ILC staff. Job includes helping with shelving books, helping read to younger students, assisting Media Specialist with classes. Please visit ILC page for more information.